Croí Na Darach

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Croí Na Darach Holistic Therapies

Croí Na Darach is Irish for "Heart of the Oak". Dair, which is the Irish word for oak, comes from the ogham duir. In druidic tradition the oak was considered a sacred tree, the gateway between the physical and spiritual. Healing and spiritual ceremonies were carried out under the protection of oak groves.


Holistic Therapy Treatments are offered in Reflexology including Cranio Sacral Reflexology (CSR), Aroma-Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology (Fertility/Pregnancy/Post-natal), Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki foot massage, Dietary Counselling, Reiki and Intuitive Healing. Treatment packages are also available for block treatment sessions. I am a registered member of the Irish Reflexologists Institute Limited (IRIL), which entitles members of VHI, Hibernian Aviva and Laya Healthcare to a refund on their health insurance.


I also make a range of personal care products using essential oils, herbs and natural ingredients. Products include herbal bath & foot salts, organic herbal bath bags, aromatherapy oil bath & body blends and organic soaps. All products can be made specific to your requirements and are also available as gift sets & favours for birthdays/weddings/baby showers & christenings.


I offer clinic appointments at Botanic Health, Cian Park, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 on Saturdays. Please email me through the contact page on my website or contact me directly on +353 87 2633612 to make an appointment.